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Cat with black spots: Handmade ceramic cat figurine

Cat with black spots: Handmade ceramic cat figurine

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You will never be alone with this desk companion. This lovable and adorable lazy ceramic cat figurine can uselessly hung out with you when you work, take a break or work on something creative. It can also serve as a cute addition to your desk, shelf or you can even place it in a planter as it’s waterproof.
- Handmade ceramic figurine from white clay that went through 2 firings in a kiln
- 1.5” wide x 2” tall (4x5 cm)
- Features crackled finish that gives it authenticity
- Features some imperfections purposefully left to give it a special character
- Packed in a gift ready box that I designed myself
- Shipped in two boxes - the gift ready one is put in a bigger box for safe delivery

About the collection:
Meet my new ceramic collection: Lazy desk companions. 😻 These are the laziest desk companions ever - while they won’t help you meet the deadline or get that promotion that you’ve always wanted or get good grades at school or even ace that job interview they can still help you… to find your zen, smile, feel a little bit better and accompany you while you’re having that well deserved cup of tea or a mug of coffee (did I mean a pot of coffee but said a mug?!😹). They’ll always be there for you making sure that you remember to be a little bit lazy and not work yourself out till you have a burnout. I now have a desk full of lazy cats that won’t go until someone adopts them to their desk 😹

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