About Us

Hi, I am Dariia, a cat lover and a cat artist based near Montreal, QC, Canada. I have two cats and a ferret who are my eternal source of inspiration. I invite you to discover my cat universe. If my art puts a smile on your face, that’s all I could wish for! Enjoy :)

Cats and their whimsical nature are at the core of my creations. I am a self-taught illustrator who happens to be also a cat lover and drawing cats is my passion. No matter the medium - watercolour, pencils, pastels, acrylic or digital - my art is out there just to put a smile on your face and remind you of how whimsical, cute, smart, fun and loyal kitties are! And it is also my way of creating magical cat worlds that otherwise would have never existed!

My art is also there to serve a bigger purpose - my art helps to raise funds within our amazing community of cat lovers! Every year we have a Christmas fundraiser to make our modest contribution to TinyKittens and we have also been helping out my vet friend in Ukraine who helps treating or saving animals in Ukraine let it be dogs, cats or turtles.

Join me on my journey and let’s have fun in the cat worlds together!