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Cat in sweater ceramic ornament

Cat in sweater ceramic ornament

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I hope you give a great home to this Christmas tree cat-themed ornament embellished with touches of gold. This brave ceramic kitty on the Christmas tree ornament went through hand building and three firings and had some crackling unintentionally formed in the process. Even though not intended, these tiny crackles add authenticity and uniqueness to this piece giving it its unique character.
Some highlights:
- cute and whimsical Christmas tree ornament featuring a kitty
- features crackling that gives authenticity to the piece
- 3” in diameter
- white ceramic clay with underglazing, transparent glaze on top and touches of gold
- one-sided (the reverse side is blank and intentionally left unpolished)
- comes with a string that can be used for hanging
- not for a tiny tree as may be on a heavier side of a Christmas decoration
- comes in a cute box that can be later used as a gift box

I adore making things from clay. It’s such an interesting and unpredictable material and it requires so much patience. In this piece I internally made the ornament look rough because imperfections tell a story but a perfectly polished piece can be only produced by a machine. This ornament makes a beautiful gift or why not keep it for yourself? It’s just so cute and comes a gift ready box 😻

It is packed in a smaller box and then in a larger one to ensure safe delivery.

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