Testing new cardstock

Testing new cardstock

My sample order from Ukraine arrived a few days ago. I usually have my greeting cards printed in Ukraine and always go for the same cardstock. It was my safe bet and the cards did and do look great on it!

This year I decided to run a test batch and see what my cards would look like on different cardstock. Here’s the result. Sometimes they look terrible and sometimes they look awesome! I think I go for my safe bet cardstock this year as well but I’ll add a few more test runs to the order to keep experimenting until I find a few more sort of paper I’d like to work with.

A person from my printer had to send me the cards after their work, which I am immensely grateful for! It was so nice of them to do that. The cards arrived in the cutest box imaginable!

The first image I already had at home and was printed on standard cardstock. Then I could compare it to the rest of the cards. The difference in colours was huge at times.

When there was lots of white background, all cards looked great!

It was only when colours were more saturated I saw the difference and some spots.

Overall, I now know what my images would look like on a few different sorts of cardstock. And they are all different and can definitely work for different kinds of images. Will keep exploring further :)

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